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  • If you have been sending your kids to Shengmeng summer camps, we assume you already understand the concept of "Basic Day Camp" and the "Program". Just in case, here are some FAQs:

    1. What is the Basic Day Camp and Program:

        Basic Day Camp, as the name said, is basic day care services that are mainly provided by staff in Shengmeng Education Center. Although it is basic, campers do learn a lot in a fun and safe environment. 

        The Program is mainly provided by carefully selected professionals. 

    2. Does the basic Day Camp cover "Programs"?

        No, the Programs are charged separately. 

    3.  What if I want to enroll in an afternoon Program but also want to have the kids to stay for a full day?

         Basic Day Camp comes up with three choice, Morning/Afternoon/Fullday. If you have signed up for an afternoon Program, you can select the Morning Day Camp plus the Program. 

          Some programs might end at 4:30PM. We will take care of the students in our center till 6:30PM without extra charge.

    Still have questions? Contact us by the form on the right side, or simply call us.  

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