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  • At Shengmeng, we believe a strong quantitative background helps develop core problem solving and critical thinking skills in any subject. That’s why we offer a comprehensive math curriculum to fulfill student’s needs from K-12.

    School Coursework: for students who want to excel in their school’s math courses, we offer classes from Pre-Algebra/Algebra up to Calculus. We also offer AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics classes to prepare students to succeed on their College Board exams, crucial for college admissions.

    Standardized Testing: for students who want to master the uniquely designed math questions on standardized tests, we offer preparatory classes for the SAT & ACT and SAT Math Subject Tests. For students interested in majoring in engineering or science, most competitive colleges now require a SAT Math Subject Test for admittance.

    Competition: for students of all ages and math levels who want to challenge themselves, we offer Math Olympiad, Mathcounts,  AMC 8/10/12 classes and up to AIME.

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  • We currently offer the following courses:

    • AMC 8
    • AMC 10/12
    • Advanced AMC 10/12
    • Honored Geometry


    Since we have year round programs, please come to the registration page  :



  • We also offer specialized help with the following Math subjects:

    • Arithmetic
    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra
    • Trigonometry
    • Geometry
    • Pre-Calculus through AP Calculus
    • Statistics through AP Statistics