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  • Dr. Bin Lan

    Dr. Lan has been working as a competing math coach for ten years. His students have achieved all the titles in competing math contests in Washington, top scores in AMC8/10/12, AIME and USA(J)MO. In 2016, his student won the championship of Mathcounts National written test and countdown test, his team also winning 3rd place in the group championship. Dr. Lan leads the competition program in Shengmeng Education Center and has since then coached the team won many awards in BMMT, BMT, etc. Many students in his classes have be AIME qualitied and in the Honor Role in AMC 10/12 contest. 

  • Ismail Marul

    Mr. Ismail Marul has taught secondary math courses including 7th and 8th grade math (Pre-Algebra), Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Precalculus for 7 years. In the most recent two years, he has been focusing on competition math programs in a large public charter school district in Nevada. Under Mr. Marul’s coach, the school has made great achievements in all math contests. Five students qualified to compete in the (INTER)2 SECT National with one received first place in 8th grade in Mathleague Qualifying Contest 2019. Seven of his school team scored 5% in AMC 8 2019, with one student getting the Perfect Score. The school also received the School Honor Roll among the top 128 schools in the United States. Mr. Marul also managed the school team and actively participated in various regional and national competitions including MathCounts Chapter Competition (6 out of 10 of his students qualified to compete in State Level) , and Mathcounts State Competition(Two of four students in Nevada who qualified to compete in National Level were his students), MathCON, Math League, and Math Kangaroo etc.

    Mr. Marul has a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education. He has a Professional Teacher’s Certification in both middle school and high school mathematics form Massachusetts and Nevada.

  • Mason Fang

    Mason is a student at Dougherty Valley High School and is well-known as a math guru and a math coach with a strong track record. Mason was a 2018 USA JAMO qualifier and 2019 &2020 USAMO qualifier. He has won a long list of awards from top tier math competitions such as BMT, SMT, CMIMC, PUMaC, CHMMC. Besides math, Mason is an exceptional student in other stem fields and boasts numerous accolades including sliver medalist in USA Physics Olympiad, gold in USA Computer Olympiad, Qualifier of USA Astronomy and Astrophysics Organization, 3rd place in Sandal Regional Science Bowl.

    Mason is the co-founder of the non-profit Cowconuts Math Club and has been actively organizing annual math competitions for K-12 students. Additionally, Mason has been teaching AMC 10/12 and AIME classes at the Shengmeng Education Center and is also the TA of the online physics Level 3 class in AwesomeMath Academy. He is in the Christmas Math Contest Problem Writing Committee and Alpha Math Contest Problem Writing Committee and creates the mock contest problems and solutions. Mason is also the Chief Operations Manager and Lead Instructor with the CITRUS Program, a program designed to introduce underfunded elementary school communities to math competitions. Besides these extracurriculars, Mason is also actively engaged with the DVHS Math Club, DVHS Physics Club and Must Art Club.