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  • We currently offer the following courses:

    KLC Chess Entry Level Class

    This group is for students 5 year old or older with basic knowledge of chess and who know how to move all the pieces. A student has at least half year chess experience. They will learn how to make good decisions about captures and opening principles.

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    KLC Chess Intermediate I

    This group is for our players who are rated 500 up. Players will participate in strategy and tactical skill building, and learn opening traps, basic middle game strategy and tactics, bughouse game.

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    Fencing - Introductory Class

    This program is designed for students who have never fenced before. Students will be introduced to the sport of fencing--they will learn fencing etiquette, basic footwork and blade work techniques, and the rules of the game. A typical class structure will include warm up activities, developmental games, footwork, drills with a partner, and sparring. Equipment is provided. Please wear workout clothes with long pants (such as sweat pants) and athletic shoes. Students will gain a very clear understanding of what fencing is all about and will be able to perform basic positions and movements such as: first position, on guard, advance, retreat, and lunge. They will also be able to explain and demonstrate basic attacking and defensive techniques

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    Fencing - Intermediate Class

    The intermediate class is for students with some fencing experience. The students continue working on their fencing fundamentals while being introduced to more advanced skills, techniques and tactics. In this class, students continue to work on basic fencing techniques while being introduced to new skills and techniques. The students improve their form, technique and understanding of the game of fencing through footwork exercises, partner drills and fencing with each other. Non-electrical equipment will be provided. 

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