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  • K-12 Teachers are wanted!

    Shengmeng Education Center (SME) is looking for excellent part-time or full-time teachers to teach most of K-12 school subjects and extracurricular programs in a classroom setting or on Zoom. SME is a comprehensive educational service provider that prepares students for today's competitive academic environment and future career success. We attract top-notch compassionate and dedicated teachers. As a teacher at SME, you change the world by educating tomorrow's leaders.  The minimum qualification for an instructor position is one year of teaching experience in the field of your expertise. The preference is given to those with a teaching credential. If you believe that your knowledge and skills are an asset to SME, please email us your resume.

  • These are the specific subjects of our interest:

    • English reading and writing (G2 - G8)
    • Public speaking, speech and debate (G2 - G8)
    • Math (K-12th)
    • Algebra, geometry, Calculus
    • Math competition (MathCounts, AMC, AIME, USAMO, …)
    • AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology
    • Extracurricular programs (K-12, indoor)