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  • K-12 Teachers are wanted!

    Shengmeng Education Center (SME) is looking for excellent part-time or full-time teachers to teach most of K-12 school subjects and extracurricular programs in a classroom setting or on Zoom. SME is a comprehensive educational service provider that prepares students for today's competitive academic environment and future career success. We attract top-notch compassionate and dedicated teachers. Our students are high competitive. As a teacher at SME, you change the world by educating tomorrow's leaders.  The minimum qualification for a teaching position is (1) a college degree, (2) one-year teaching experience in the field of your expertise. The preference is given to those who live near the Tri-Valley area and have a teaching credential. If you believe that your knowledge and skills are an asset to SME, please email us your resume.

  • These are the specific subjects of our interest:

    • English reading and writing (G2 - G8)
    • Public speaking, speech and debate (G2 - G8)
    • Computer sciences (G4-12): Coding in Python, Java, C++, Scratch/Snap, AP Computer Science, web design and development, video game and mobile app development, Python for data science and AI
    • USA Computing Olympiad (USA) (G7-G12)
    • Math (K-12th)
    • Algebra, geometry, Calculus
    • Math competition (MathCounts, AMC, AIME, USAMO, …)
    • AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology
    • Extracurricular programs (K-12, indoor)
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    Interested candidates should send their resume to: info@shengmengedu.com

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    • The subject(s) you are qualified and interested to teach.
    • Time and days you are available.

    Send resume to info@shengmengedu.com