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  • Our math program has been very successful since we opened in 2018. We owe thanks to dedicated and exceptional teachers and consistent community support, particularly from the Coconuts student organization. 

    At the beginning, Cowconuts was just a study group for a couple high school students to perform well at competitions while also having fun together. Now, we have grown to a community of talented students hoping to improve their competition results. Learning as part of a study group like the environment we create here is more effective than learning at school because of the friendly connections from peer to peer. Everybody has their own ideas that they are willing to share with their group. But most importantly, it makes learning fun and exciting. Cowconuts aims to spread the art of mathematics throughout the community and encourage students to pursue careers in STEM. This year, we have opened multiple math classes, and in the future, we plan to extend our organization to cover physics and other topics as well.

    Notable Achievements:

    - BMT at UC Berkley: Individual 1st and 3rd Place on Geometry

    - CHMMC at CalTech: Team 5th Place and Individual 3rd Place

    - BMMT at UC Berkley: Team 2nd Place, Individual 3rd and 4th Place

    - Davis Girls Mathalon: Team 1st and 2nd Place

    - 2019 US Math Competition Association´╝łUSMCA) Nation Final: Shengmeng Team 1

        "The USMCA is a collaboration of seven university math competitions across the US: BMT, CHMMA, CMIMC, DMM, LSU, NMATHS and PUMaC. Of the hundreds of teams that participated in these competitions this year, your team qualified by placing in the top 30" - USMCA Director.

    Shengmeng is actively creating more opportunities to encourage students to learn math and be academically engaged with the curriculum. Shengmeng helped host the 2018 Math League Competition and, cooperating with Coconuts, we organize the annual Shengmeng Math Competition. 

    The Shengmeng Math program has three categories:

    1. Competition Math: From lower level to higher level, we have: Math Olympiad, AMC8, AMC10/12, Advance AIME. Our Advanced AMIE class had 2 USAMOs and 3JMOs AMIE qualifiers this past year. 

    2. Practice Groups: Studying is challenging and requires commitment and patience. At Shengmeng, we adopt a strategy that employs study groups led by older, advanced students. Our study groups have improved student productivity and enjoyment during the sessions. Our practice groups are excellent supplementary sessions for students to learn and engage with their peers. Through these groups, students of all age groups can develop friendships while strengthening their understanding of various course material.

    Join our programs and teams, let students learn and make friends here!