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  • Q: My child is very advanced in debate but they are in elementary school. Could I skip the public speaking class and sign up the middle school debate class directly?

    A: There are a lot of skills that students need to learn before becoming a good debater ex. logical thinking, analytical research, fact checking, etc. We would recommend elementary school students start with our Public Speaking Class. Big improvements can be seen after one year of training. By that time, if a coach thinks a student has a strong grasp on the subject, we can place him/her to Shengmeng Debate Class (Novice I).

    Potomac Debate Class is for middle school students only.

  • Q: My child is a middle school student without any debate experience. What are details of your beginning course?

    A: For middle schooler, we have the entry debate class (Novice I) at Shengmeng. This class is for students who would like to try it and pick up the basic skills for debate. Once they finish the course, they have the option to advance to Potomac Debate Classes without needing to tryout. Our Shengmeng coach will place them to different levels based on their performance. In the Potomac Debate Class, students will learn about tournament rules and continue to develop their skills in Public Forum. Students must sign up themselves with parent approval and go to tournaments on weekends. 

    If your child is already very interested in Debate and would like to try Tournaments right away, you must register for a Potomac tryout directly following the link below. Students without any experiences will most likely be placed to their entry level class.

  • Q: For Potomac Debate Class and Tournaments, how do you do it after COVID? 

    A: For Potomac classes, we will continue the online classes even after COVID. For Tournaments, once they allow in-person debates, we will make sure that both partners sign up for the same tournament. They will work on their topics online and meet in-person at the Tournament site. We will also have local Tournament coaches there to help them.

    Please see our Tournament Results in 2020

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